About Us

Insolvency Guardian UK are a consultancy firm providing a range of Taxation, Forensic Accounting, Auditing and Insolvency Services nationally. Together with you, your lawyers and accountants we can build a positive outcome in these distressing times and provide that light at the end of the tunnel very quickly.

Forensic Accountants

We have the most skilled and reputable Forensic accountants at your fingertips ready to provide that audit, expert report or even provide forensic reports on financial crime. This gives you the versatility to pick from a range of the UK’s top experts from a number of highly reputable firms, which we hire under their banner at a much lower cost than you would usually receive.

Personal and Business Insolvency Consultants Insolvency Guardian offers a customised service that takes into consideration your entire financial situation, including personal and commercial aspects. Once we have the full picture of your complete financial situation, our highly trained and professional staff will work with you to formulate a strategy focused on the reorganisation of unmanageable commitments and the protection of important assets.  If you are experiencing solvency issues, Insolvency Guardian can offer you the help you deserve regarding your rights and obligations.  We can offer you the cheapest Bankruptcy and Company Liquidations that the UK has to offer. Insolvency Guardian UK have offices and franchises in every major city, which means we can be there to offer sound advice when and where you really need us.  This means that we can help you to plan a way forward and manage the process of appointing administrators, receivers, liquidators and/or a trustee for your personal insolvency or ban
We are experts in insolvency and we are here to help you by managing and coordinating the process of overcoming insolvency at the lowest cost to you.  We do this by getting to know your unique set of circumstances, working with you to find the best possible solution to your problems, then helping you to find and appoint the right liquidator of trustee.

We will help you to appoint a professional from our independent panel. They have their own trustees, liquidators and administrators that we help you appoint to make sure your matters are dealt with in an effective and risk free manner.  All the while we are there to make sure you make all the right decisions to make it through this tough time in the best possible shape.

We also have a number of other Liquidators, Receivers, Administrators, Trustees, Debt Agreement Administrators, Solicitors and Barristers that we can refer you to should the need arise.